All You Should Know About Web Hosting

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A service that gives your website space to run on the internet is called web hosting. These services save your website files in web servers which are connected to a network. When a user who wants to view your website, types your address, the internet will display it from the web server that hosts your files. So a web hosting company like will manage those web servers and everything related to it like the security, hardware, software and most importantly speed. Hence it is critical that you host your website after you review all the performance parameters.

Need For Web Hosting
If you are planning to have a website for your business or your blog then all the documents, images and content related to that is present only in your local computer. If people want to view them you will have to share it offline, with web hosting you will not have such problems When you host your website, it can be seen by people using the internet instead of you having to send those files. All they have to do is type url of your site and they can see the content. You can also upload the latest information you have about your business or blog, and people can see them online.

Types Of Web Hosting
There are four main types of hosting and depending on specific factors and your budget you should consider the type you want to invest.
● Shared
● Dedicated
● Cloud hosting

This is an option where even though you are sharing the resources like the CPU and the memory, but you still have control over what updates you want for your website, etc. The primary advantage of this is that you are not sharing with others and hence you can expect your website to perform better. The primary disadvantage is it is costly and also needs technical knowledge to set up.

Most people opt for this type of web hosting, and people prefer this as this is the most inexpensive option. The reduced cost is because the resources are shared with other websites. The CPU, memory and disk space will be divided and usually, the speed will suffice your requirement. This option is preferred by people who want a simple setup process with no need for any technical knowledge and most importantly it is inexpensive. The main disadvantage is that the speed can sometimes be an issue.

Dedicated Hosting
In this option, you will not need to share any resource and the CPU, and you will have dedicated memory and CPU. You can expect your website to perform very well and you will have complete control over the web server. The downside is that it is costly and also more maintenance activities required.

Cloud Hosting
A cost-efficient hosting option with virtual hardware. The hosting is flexible, and you have to pay only when you use it. The web server can be scaled during peak season by taking more server resources and reducing it during offseason. It is cheaper than all other options as you pay only for what you use. The significant disadvantage of this hosting is its security as it is prone to cyber-attacks.

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