Why Do You Want A TV License?


If you like to watch or download Television programs, then you want to get the legal permission to use or install TV equipment. You can watch the program on the devices including TV, laptop, mobile phones, tablets, DVD, VHS recorders, games consoles etc. It is related to how the TV channels are obtained and which television channel you pick.

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Nowadays, the TV is the best entertainment tool and most people watch live TV programs on TV. You can aware the latest happenings and it offers health benefits too. The website www.huffingtonpost.in has an article that explains the benefits of watching TV.

You will not want to get a TV license to own a TV set. But, when you like to record or watch TV programs that are telecasted on TV or any online TV service, or to watch or download the BBC channel programs then you must require a license for that. Whatever may be the device type you use to watch or record or download TV programs that are live and an online service you must need a TV license in the UK.

In the UK, the need to get a TV license is mandated under the Communications Regulations 2004 and Communication Act 2003. The TV license is compulsory to see and record the programs telecasted since they are live on the TV channels or see or download BBC programs on BBC iPlayer, catch up TV, etc. You can watch the shows on different things like a laptop, mobile phone apart from television.

Even if you don’t watch programs telecasted in BBC channel, you want to get the license. You must understand that TV license is not a part of BBC subscription, but it is made compulsory by law. As per the Communication Act 2003, BBC has the licensing authority role and it issues the licenses and collects the fee.

Without a TV license, it is illegal to record or see TV shows that are live on an online TV channel or telecasted on TV or watch the programs on the BBC. If you plan to watch TV shows, you must know your state law first. The government might make changes to the existing law so you must understand the latest updates in the TV license law before obtaining a new license and watching TV shows.

Also, if you only hear the digital radio broadcasts then you don’t want to get a TV license. You don’t require a license for listening BBC iPlayer Radio too. TV license is mandated by law for whatever TV channel you watch, and receiving through any mode like satellite, cable, terrestrial or the internet.

Another important thing is TV license not comes under Consumer law. The cost of the standard TV license is not much expensive and you can check whether they offer any discounts or free licenses. Before getting a new license, you must find out whether you really need one.

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