Things To Check When Buying A Gaming Mouse


If you are serious computer gamer then you should choose a good piece of computer mouse. There are lots of difference between daily computer mouse and gaming mouse. While the ordinary mouse comes with just 2 buttons, a gaming mouse contains more than three buttons. Gaming mice have evolved with time. They come with lots of features to provide better gaming experience to the players. Right now, there is no scarcity for gaming mouse products in the market. They indeed come with lots of attractive features to serve the need of various gamers. As a gamer, you have to choose a mouse that can precisely fit your needs.

There are many specifications that you need to check when buying a mouse. Almost all the gaming mouse use a technology called optical technology. With this feature, a mouse has the ability to track Dots Per Inch (shortly as DPI). A gaming mouse with 2000 DPI would be able to offer smooth cursor movement than those mice with 800 DPI. As said earlier, the gaming mice come with many buttons. The purpose of buttons is to avoid the gamer using the keyboard buttons. A gamer using a mouse with many buttons, need not rely much on the keyboard, while in the game. Some gaming mouse can even contain up to 10 buttons.

Some mouse allows changing its weight according to the users’ convenience. Moreover, some mouse even offers the users to change its size and shape for precise grip. A gaming mouse may come either as wired or wireless. Some mice can offer both wired and wireless connection. Generally, wireless mice are considered as more comfortable. Both wired and wireless mouse comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of wireless mouse is that it is prone to interruption due to cross signals. On the other hand, interruptions are hardly possible with wired mouse.

Moreover, wireless mouse requires battery for operation. This battery comes with certain hours of lifetime. You need to charge or replace the battery frequently, depending on the use. Sometimes, the battery may get drained during the middle of the game. These things will not happen if you are using a wired mouse. There are many things to check seriously when you are buying a gaming mouse. For a new gamer or first time buyer would not know what to expect and what to avoid.

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