A To-Do Checklist For Relocating A Data Center


According to www.sciencedaily.com/news/computers_math/information_technology, data centers act as the heart of a company because it stores all the files, crucial information, work history and the primary database on which a business operates. There can be situations, where due to space limitation or relocation of the company’s indigenous setup, the data center needs to be moved and relocated to a new facility. The overall process of this transfer is very complex; detailed planning and efficient execution are required to perform it successfully. Companies like Basic Solutions are experts in this domain and offer some of the best consultation and support.

Primarily, the company needs to decide whether they want to physically relocate the data center to a new location or migrate the data from one system to other with the intention of purchasing or leasing additional storage space. In case of relocation, you need to evaluate the new facility in terms requirement of extra cabling or equipment, space required to host the equipment and proper ventilation to avoid heating up of equipment. After finalizing the location of the new facility, the next step is to coordinate the uninstalling, shipping and rearrangement process, paying close attention to tracking delivery schedules and ensuring that all vital resources like technicians, project manager and IT team are on hand to receive the goods on the other end.

For many companies, the equipment transfer is too costly a move and too critical to mess up for the business, with complex details pertaining to insurance arrangements and contingency plans taking months to plan. The systematic way of executing this task is to create a project plan. Appoint a project manager as the sole responsible person for completing the work from arranging meetings to coordinating the transfer. Other requisites like ordering spare hard drives or CPU, organizing for the presence of hardware vendor support and a network team at the site is equally important. Hardware requirements like checking for a loading dock to suit the height of the equipment, availability of a forklift or other machinery to move the mechanism, space for packing and unpacking and arranging for the vendor to perform the cable work reinstallation is vital to the entire setup.

Once all the initial preparations are done, the check off the following at the time of the actual transfer of the data center.
• Every resource from top management to the vendor involved in the basic cabling work should be online in a conference call while the transfer takes place.
• Backups should be carefully chosen, to avoid losing any vital data in case of anything gets corrupted during transmission.
• Disable monitoring before shutting down the system to avoid any confusion later on.
• The operating system, storage, and networking should be carefully shut down before commencing the transfer procedure.
• New cabling at the destination should be done appropriately and labeled.
• The networking team should check the wiring, switch configuration and network connectivity.
• The operating system administrator should remotely connect to the system and process the configuration settings.
• Once the system starts, the OS team should check the health of the storage system, connectivity, and network performance.
• Next up, the QA team should review the entire application from frontend to backend for any discrepancy or error.

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